A high school senior at Greensburg-Salem High School near Pittsburgh PA, was doing a project on Stefania “Fusia” Podgórska for her social studies class and wanted to learn more. This young lady reached out to Ed Burzminski through the Stefi Foundation’s website, which turned into Ed and his daughter Mia Burzminski giving a presentation over Zoom to Mr. Matthew Boe’s social studies class.

This was an elective class so the students chose to attend the course of their own volition. The questions were thoughtful and students seemed genuinely interested in understanding how a teenage girl, who was their age, managed hide, shelter, feed and protect thirteen people in an attic for nearly two years in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Being 17 years old herself (the same age as Stefania was during the war) and a high school senior, Mia Burzminski shared class her perspective on what her grandmother’s story means to her; As a teen, sometimes kids may feel insignificant or overwhelmed but that whether large or small, they and their actions do make a difference in the world.

Special thanks to Matthew Boe, Social Studies teacher for allowing and encouraging his student to introduce this presentation to his class.

Greensburg-Salem High School
Greensburg, PA
March 2022 and May 2022
Via Zoom


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